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JOLLY Kitchen Collapsible Aluminum Foil High Temperature Heat Insulation Grease Shield


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Material: aluminum foil
Size: 84*32.5*0.3cm

1. Anti-splash, make your kitchen clean and hygienic.
2. It can prevent oil or food from spilling out when cooking in the kitchen.
3. You no longer have to worry about making greasy fried food, grilled meat, stir-fry or cleaning pickles.
4. Protect the walls from dirt, grease and oil.
5. It can be folded flat for easy storage.

  • Effective shield – Keeps cooking surfaces, counters, walls and floors free from grease splatters. Efficiently shields much of your stove and its surrounding environment, eliminating the mess of splattered food.
  • Windshield – Can also be used as a windshield for outdoor camping burners.
  • Lightweight & collapsible – Not heavy at all like the metal type splash guard, collapsible design for easy storage and carrying.
  • Easy to clean – Non-stick surface for easy and energy saving cleaning.
  • Tip – Install in accordance to the shape of a pan or pot, but be careful of it collapsing because the angle will become much wider and decrease stability of the product.


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