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Mr. Clean Clean Freak Multi-Surface Spray Starter Kit, Lemon Zest


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About this item

Disinfectant, Deodorize, Easy to Use


1. Spray on surface* 2. Wipe with damp/dry cloth or paper towel. *Rinse surfaces that contact food directly. Always test on a small area before use. Safe on granite, chrome, aluminum, marble, nickel or finished wood if wiped dry immediately. Not recommended for copper, untreated wood or brass surfaces.

Clean Freak Mist multi-surface cleaning spray muscles through grime, tough dirt, and grease to make messes a distant memory. Use it from any angle to put hard-to-reach dirt away for good. And to top it all off, Clean Freak Mist multi-purpose spray leaves your home smelling fresh with a Lemon Zest scent.
  • 3x the cleaning power* *vs. the leading all purpose cleaner bleach spray on kitchen grease
  • Cleaning Mist activates on contact to cut through dirt right away
  • Power Nozzle offers large coverage to easily clean Countertops, bathtubs, stainless steel and more
  • Pull trigger for short, medium, or pump for continuous bursts
  • Easy to switch the Power Nozzle to refill bottles
  • Use on kitchen surfaces, backsplashes, shower tiles, glass stovetops, stainless steel
  • Great Lemon Zest scent


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