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PoyPet Dog Harness and Leash Combo, Escape Proof No Pull Vest Harness, Reflective Adjustable Soft Padded Pet Harness with Handle for Small to Large Dogs



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PoyPet No Pll Dog Harness & Leash Set
If your dog hates harnesses that have to be pulled over his/her head to take off, and struggle and buck like a wild animal trying to get away, our harness will be a perfect choice for you and your fur baby!

It will allow you to calmly put on and remove the harness with good behavior ( NO need go through head) .

You and your dog will be much happier! It’s just a win win, all around!

The padded handle on the back will be great for when your dog gets a a little unruly and you have to use “two wheel drive” to move him/her along.

It is good to grad him/her very quickly when they want to chase bunnies or jump on someone.

Also, you can use it for attaching items to carry.

The metal chest ring allows your dogs to be secured comfortably to their seat belts. If you attach your leash to the chest ring, every time your dogs pull, it turns them back toward you, there will be no pulling. While the back ring allows for easy walking.

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Please refer to Size Chart before buying:

S —–Neck: 12-18”, Chest: 14-24”

M —–Neck: 14-20”, Chest: 16-28”

L —–Neck: 16-24”, Chest: 22-33”

XL —-Neck: 22-33”, Chest: 28-39”

EASY TO GET ON/OFF: This no pull harness has the snap buckles for both the body and neck, so much easier to put on and off. NO need fight dog’s head to slip in the harness, won’t hurt their ears either.
NO PULL AND NO CHOKE: The front metal D-ring is great if you have a dog who hasn’t yet learned not to pull on the lead during walks. If the dog pulls, they end up turned around facing you, so they quickly learn to stop pulling. Also,it is soft breathable non-toxic mesh padded, pulling pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent Choking.
COMFY PADDED HANDLE: There’s a soft handle on the top of the harness, you can grab it and keep control of dogs when they go crazy or when they need help. It can restrain dogs easily and also perfect for walking them up steps, stairs and cars,etc. The soft handle of the leash keeps your hand protected from tugs and pulls, prevents chafing, and gives you more control while you walk!
REFLECTIVE STITCHING FOR SAFETY: Both harness and leash have reflecting trim. Its reflective outer material is great for safety while walking at dusk or night with car lights. The reflective fabric is also perfect for taking your dog out to pee before bed so that you are safe in your busy city neighborhood.
360° ROTATING CLASP: Nothing is more annoying than a twisted leash! This solid Metal swivel clasp prevents the leash from twisting and getting tangled. Heavy-duty zinc-alloy clasp makes our training leashes last longer. Premium components for maximum strength!


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